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We  UNDERGO passages,

but we ENACT rites.

~ Ronald Grimes

Life happens and things change whether we mark our transitions with ceremonies or not. 
But when we take the time to mindfully honor the thresholds of our lives AS we cross them, a beautiful thing happens:
We become more present to our lives as the adventures and journeys they truly are. 
We become more appreciative of our lives as stories that we ourselves are writing.  
The following rites of passage are worthy of a good ceremony. 

Parents-To-Be & New Babies

Becoming a parent is one of the most monumental life changes of all and deserves a ceremony of its own.  I can create a customized ceremony that will honor and prepare you for stepping across this major threshold.  Mother Blessings and Father Blessings can be done separately or together, according to your wishes.


Baby Welcomings, Namings, and/or Blessings are wonderful ways to honor the arrival of a new human being into the circles of family, friends, and the larger community.

Coming of Age & Graduations

In many cultures around the world, the transition into adulthood is marked by a meaningful ceremony.  For most teenagers in our culture, however, such Coming of Age rituals are unknown, and so many adolescents drift out of their childhoods with no real sense of the weight and meaning of becoming an adult.

I offer a personalized approached to Graduation Ceremonies, and a greater emphasis on ritual elements that honor this major rite of passage. This option is also great for homeschoolers.


Many people have suffered through the difficult rite of passage of divorce, in which the only sense of closure may be when the legal papers are finalized.  A Divorce Ceremony can provide a real sense of healing from the past and embracing a new life.  

Professional Transitions

As an entrepreneur and active member of the business community, I enjoy offering ceremonies honoring professional rites of passage, such as new businesses, jobs, projects, promotions.

As we advance in years, life events like retirement can be marked with a ceremony honoring the noble rite of passage into elderhood.  With so many older people in our society hidden away and forgotten, it's incredibly valuable to shine the light of appreciation and dignity onto this venerable stage of life.

Blessing of Spaces

We live in a society on the move, and taking the time to energetically clear, bless, and/or dedicate our new homes, land, offices, and studios, infuses our everyday lives with greater meaning, vitality, and clarity.

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