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For life and death are one,

even as the river and the sea are one.

~Kahlil Gibran

It's so important to honor a loved one's passing in ways that are authentic, healing, and respectful. As your celebrant I will compassionately engage with you to create a ceremony that fully honors your loved one and your family's wishes and needs.

I listen attentively to fond memories and stories of your loved one that help me craft a eulogy that allows his or her spirit to shine through. 

After the ceremony, you will receive beautiful hand-bound keepsake copies of the ceremony to remember your loved one by.

Services include:

  • Funerals, Memorials & Celebrations of Life:  The ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, in the style and manner that best honors your loved one.

  • Green & Home Funerals:  Many people these days are opting for a simpler, more sustainable way of saying goodbye.  Home funerals and green burials are a growing trend, and may be just the right way to honor the spirit of your loved one.       

  • Ash-Scatterings & Burials:  I am available for graveside and ash-scattering ceremonies in the location of your choice. 

  • End-of-Life Celebrations/Pre-Need:  There is a growing number of people in our culture who are choosing to have celebrations as they approach the end of their lives.  This can be a beautiful way to celebrate a life while your loved one is still alive.  Many are also planning their own funerals and memorials ahead of time, and I can assist in this process. 

  • Animal Companions:  Losing a beloved pet is a profound loss for many, and honoring an animal companion's death can be just as important as honoring the loss of a loved human.

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