Healing & Empowerment

The greatest gift you have to give
is that of your own self-transformation.
~ Lao Tzu

Personalized ceremonies & rituals can be incredibly powerful tools for transformation, healing, and affirmation, taking a form uniquely suited to your taste and your current needs and desires.  Possibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Self-Weddings:  Why not marry yourself?  In her book, Committed, author Elizabeth Gilbert tells of a friend that had a self-wedding by making a small wooden boat, and then, on the her 40th birthday, filling it with rice and rose petals, setting it on the water, and burning it.  As this woman watched the little boat float away in flames, “She felt transcendent and mighty, as though she were physically carrying herself across some critical threshold," says Gilbert.  "She had finally married her own life, and not a moment too soon.”  There are many ways to do this kind of ritual; I can work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your own unique "marriage" to yourself.
  • Group Tea Ceremonies:  Celebrate your closest friends and/or family by honoring them with a tea ceremony.  Part party and part ritual, this is a great way to affirm and strengthen (or even mend) the bonds of friendship and/or family, especially nice as a Valentine's Day event.
  • Bye Bye Baggage Ceremonies: Personalized releasing ceremonies can aid greatly in letting go of any emotional or psychological baggage that no longer serves you.  And I have a big "bag" of tricks full of ritual ideas to symbolize and actualize such release.  You may also have your own, and together we can create a ceremony that lets you powerfully walk away from the past.
  • Labyrinth Ceremonies:  In recent years, the ancient spiritual tool of the labyrinth has been renewed and reimagined.  Walking the path of the labyrinth can have an almost magical effect all on its own, but combined with a meaningful ceremony, that effect is heightened and focused.  Any of the ceremonies mentioned on this site can have the added element of incorporating a labyrinth, or we can create a healing and empowerment ritual specifically for the labyrinth.
This is just a small sampler of such ceremonies and rituals; the only limits are imagination and personal boundaries.  Some of the best ceremonies are actually the simplest:  a quiet moment and a few poetic words in a beautiful space, using one or two props like a candle and a bowl of water.  

But there's also much to be said for over-the-top "fantasy" ceremonies, for which you can dress up in costume and ritually play out some part of your psyche that is hungry to be acknowledged and integrated.  These also make for spectacular photo shoots.  In partnership with the phenomenal Heather Sparrow of Sparrow Photography, we can create an experience through which you will emerge feeling like you've been reborn - with photos and/or video to remind you if you ever forget your magnificence.

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